Tacoms International Ltd. in partnership with leading OEM who design and manufacture access control devices, provides systems that prevent unauthorized access and help tighten security.

Our systems can be deployed within a short period and can easily also be integrated to work with your existing equipment.

The areas in which our systems can be used include:

Access Control System 

Public Access & Ticketing System

•  Parking   • Cinemas   • Recreations e.t.c

Real Time People Counting

•  Stadiums  • Museums  • Public Venues

Automated Fare Collection
(Bus/public transport, Toll road, e.t.c)

•  Provision of hardware  • System Design
•  System Operation  • System Operation
•  System Maintenance  • Card Management
•  Computer Hosting  • Call Center Services
•  Financial Clearing and Settlement
•  Statistical Reports

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