We are able to offer professional advice to Transport organisations and mass transits operators regarding ticketing issues ranging from simple security strategies to powerful access control systems and innovative revenue control processes.

Ticket Design & Supply

We offer a competitively priced ticket design service, Right from start, we liaise with you to design and create genuine secure instrument that is personalized to your company or event.

We can include your corporate graphics and any relevant information that you may want printed on the back of the ticket, most importantly, we make the back of all our secure paper ticket suitable as a medium for advertisement purpose, this we believe can generate additional revenue for you or your organization.

In addition to the artwork there is a range of security features available inclusive with all designs.

Other Ticketing Services and Products

  • Bus validators
  • Turnstiles with built-in validators
  • Recharge terminals
  • Ticket vending machine
  • Single journey tickets
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