The management team of TacomsGroup includes Executive Management, Product Development, Technical and Professional Services Personnel with significant experience in the successful design and delivery of suitable solutions.

Our management team possesses broad and deep technical expertise and experience, the team oversees Business Operational Staff and Senior Technology Professionals who work closely with our customers to ensure a high degree of satisfaction.

Most of our business engagements begin with a high-level consultation by one or more of our senior business managers who frequently help clients define requirements, address technical feasibility, and understand the level of investment required to develop a given feature set on the desired outcome.

Our business managers are extremely comfortable working at the intersection of business needs and deep business process challenges.

Our management team is drawn from leading technology driven companies and sector specialist, bringing together skills as diverse as research and development, software engineering, marketing & sales, finance management and commercialization, along with deep industry and subject matter expertise.

Within us is a 100+ years combined Commercial Experience in various related business management field.

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