Cost Effective Ticketing Plus Revenue Assurance

We specialize in Provision of a reliable, cost effective range of secure ticketing and access solutions that enhance easy admission and revenue assurance.

We design and produce a wide range of ticket options that are highly secured, reliable, simple and cost effective.

TACOMS INT’L. Ltd in partnership with leading OEM who design and manufacture access control devices, provides systems that prevent unauthorized access and help tighten security.

Our systems can be deployed within a short period and can easily also be integrated to work with your existing equipment.
Our systems can be used for:

Printing of Security Documents

• Certificates, Vouchers & OMR.
• Secure Pay Slips for Employees
• Tax Certificates
• Stamps, Tickets, Tax Certificate
• Securitized Letter Head
• Ballot Papers, Credit notes
• Certificate of Occupancy(C of 0)

About Us

Tacoms International Ltd.
Was incorporated as a limited liability Company with CAC registration number RC 964003.

The company commenced full operations with focus in the Core Marketing of Ticketing Systems, Access Control Management Systems and Security print Products in Nigeria and other African countries.

In its quest for excellence and quality service, the company sought and engaged highly experienced professionals, Technical partners and consultants in various related fields in order to meet its objectives.

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